Fostering with Battersea

With costs taken care of; lots of guidance, support and training given; and a chance to improve the lives of deserving dogs and cats, fostering with Battersea is a wonderful way to enrich your life with the love of an animal.

Can I become a foster carer?

We ask that foster carers are compassionate, empathetic and adaptable to the needs of the animals that come into their care. You don't need prior experience as Battersea will give you all the training, support and guidance you need. However, a lot of the animals that would benefit from foster care may need a little more work, so we really welcome people who have cared for more challenging animals. Battersea will provide you with everything you need to care for your foster animal, including food, bedding, toys and veterinary care. We have a dedicated fostering team who are on hand to answer any queries or concerns and give ongoing support.

Why become a foster carer?

Our foster carers tend to be people who really love animals but are not in a position, for one reason or another, to have one full time. Fostering enables people to have animals in their lives, but without the full-time commitment.

Although fostering can be challenging and requires a lot of time, it is extremely rewarding to see your foster animal blossom and then go on to be successfully rehomed.

We ensure that our foster carers receive ongoing support and behaviour training. In addition, we make sure to provide you with everything your foster animal will need including food, equipment and veterinary treatment.

Fostering is a wonderful way to enrich your life with the love of an animal without the associated costs.